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 Christianity... WTF!?!

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Christianity... WTF!?! Empty
PostSubject: Christianity... WTF!?!   Christianity... WTF!?! EmptyWed Apr 01, 2009 2:02 am

This is going to sound a bit confusing as I'm going to be quoting posts from a debate I was having with a Christian on another forum.

These 'sacred' individuals believe their god to be all loving, understanding, and forgiving yet have absolutely no space for any life other than humans in their heaven or God's master-plan. they believe that God created animals for us, and us alone. they also believe that women were made from men, for men. I had asked why god couldn't be a she, after all it's a woman who gives birth after all (idea taken from Witch)

Quote :
He is not a she because He is Jesus's Father (not Mother). In the Bible, women were created from men (even though women give birth), it is woman who was created in man's image, so your last comment holds no water.

I also asked how do you class the treatment of animals? Christians own slaughterhouses..

Quote :
God put animals on the Earth for Adam, none of them were good enough so God created Eve, Adam named the animals and they are here for US.. (in the Bible)

It was then I realised that Christianity was slightly sexist. Also it just furthered my belief that Christians are following a faith massively influenced by medieval times.

What he said not only contradicts itself clearly but is a jab at women not being equal to men.

And I believe the entire concept of Christianity is born from a time when men and women weren't considered equal, and life - although taught thou shall not kill - meant very little to anyone.

He then tried arguing that all religions could be deemed sexist and Christianity not, though when I asked what religions stating to not post anything he'd seen on the news, he didn't reply.

Quote :
that is not sexist, I was explaining why God is assumed to be a man.. the Bible goes on about women's importance, but that was not part of the debate, the debate was simply, "why is God seen as a male?" Christianity is not sexist and that is not at all what I meant. I did not mean to put down women in any way, I was simply responding as to why God is portrayed in a male form. If you would like to restart a debate about sexist religions, I am sure the ones you listed in the other debate thread would win out by far, because some of them are very sexist. And if you would like proof of Christianity not being sexist, I will be happy to oblidge.

he never got around to telling me which of the religions I had posted (I posted a list of religions that I believed to make more sense than Christianity) were sexist. I did get this though:

Quote :
Women are looked at like that now. Not by me, but by some (Christians and non-Christians). I wasn't being sexist. Saying God is looked at as a male is not sexist and if you say it is, you are stretching to win this argument. And when I said God made woman from man, that is because that is what the Bible tells us. She was made from the rib (side) of the man, meaning they walk side by side, as equals. She wasn't made from a bone of Adam's foot, telling us that men can walk all over women.

Right, so women couldn't possibly have been equal to man without that all important rib bone...

Obviously I know that this wasn't the way it really happened when humans began their reign on earth, but this is what the bible tells people. I think it's kind of backwards and simply highlights the era of when it was written. then I got:

Quote :
In the beginning, God made the woman from the man. Going forward, the woman gives birth to the man. In the Bible, men were alive first, but they do not "come first" in "life." God created them to be partners.

Also, what does being perfect have to do with the men that wrote the Bible. It is known, and admitted by those themselves, that they were sinners. It doesn't mean they can't write history.

It gets better:

Quote :
I just included it with the real reason, which is humans have souls, animals do not. Souls are saved. And I am sorry if you feel that there is a "doggy heaven" but despite what cartoon movies say, all dogs do not go to heaven. To say animal are equal to humans is ridiculous. I love animals. But to be truly equal you have to look at it like this: If you had to, which would you rather kill, a person or a bug?-- the answer better be the bug or you are one crazy person. So where animals may be mistreated sometimes (which, by the way, I do agree with, they are mistreated), they are in no way equal to human beings. The end.

WTF have these people got against animals? I asked if any other religions shared these views towards animals:

Quote :
this is a Christianity debate, so I am bringing up what Christians believe.

It goes on and on and on....

I consider myself to respect other peoples' beliefs but Christianity to me is a joke, they swear blindly by the book, state clearly its inaccurate and those who wrote it were sinners, yet believe humans to be the only life on the planet that should be considered sacred.

I'm sorry if you're a Christian and your views are different, but whilst the bible undoubtedly did its job during the era it was produced I think it could use a rewrite to take into account changes in fundamental principles of equality and life as we see it today...

If anybody actually sat and read this, what do you think?


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Christianity... WTF!?! Unsaneculturesig
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Clara Listensprechen
Clara Listensprechen

Christianity... WTF!?! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Christianity... WTF!?!   Christianity... WTF!?! EmptyMon Apr 06, 2009 6:33 am

What do you mean that The Bible is "slightly sexist"? It is VERY sexist. God has to be a male because if he was a woman that got Mary preggers, God would have to be a lesbian. NO Christian would entertain that idea. Consider for a moment why God failed to create a Jesus the same way he created Adam. We might figure that he lost the recipe, or we might figure that he could have but just had a taste for human female nookie.

As for the animals, Genesis has the answer to that; it's generally refered to as "dominonism". God created creation for Man to be dominion over. Problem is that God never gave that memo to the lions and the tigers and the bears. Oh my.

As to actually reading what's in The Bible...well, I for one have. That is exactly why I'm an atheist. People who believe in The Bible haven't really read the thing. Those who don't believe in it usually HAVE.
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Christianity... WTF!?!
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