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 Krsna Consciousness - a few thoughts

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Krsna Consciousness - a few thoughts Empty
PostSubject: Krsna Consciousness - a few thoughts   Krsna Consciousness - a few thoughts EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 1:19 am

Okay so I totally get about being a spirit-soul in a body, and I also agree that animals have souls as well - people who say otherwise are merely trying to justify slaughtering them by the millions for food and clothes and other animal products.
As a vegetarian this movement is the closest to a religion I'd probably ever follow - apart from satanism as that's just about self empowerment and living an ordinary life governed by natural and quite normal human instincts.
The book I'm reading about krsna (Krishna - God) Consciousness is called The Science of Self Realizatio by His Divine Grace - A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. He preaches that all humans are not their body, their race, their colour - they are all spirit-souls IN a body. So no matter what religion you follow you can join the krsna consciousness movement and learn how to love god properly and upon death, instead of being reincarnated, you can return to God in the spirit world. Obviously there are rules - no illicit sex (sex outside marriage), you cannot eat meat, no intoxicants of any kind, and no gambling. He said that the only true aim of life is to learn how to love god again (apparently we were all god conscious once but we have simply forgotten) and return to him upon death - everything else is simply materialistic ignorance.
Krsna Consciousness is mainly derived from Vedic literature - mainly the Bhagavad-Gita - which is also the basis of Hinduism. I was completely engaged at the beliefs about being a spirit-soul in a body and as I'm vegetarian - all the beliefs about how a civilisation isn't and will never be civilised whilst animals are still slaughtered for food day in and day out. What I am sceptical on is that the spirit masters who preach this rely too much on these Vedic literatures to answer questions and provide references, as according to the writer of this book were written upon the creation of everything. A lot of religions rely on a prophet of some kind, somebody who has received the rules of life from god himself - and that's how krsna consciousness is preached throughout the world. What I can't grasp is that if the Vedic literature contains the only truth about god in the entire world, why weren't other religions given the same message? I can't imagine Christians ever bowing down to Gods Lotus Feet . . . Laughing

I do believe in the spirit and the soul and the beliefs about animals but surely we were put here for other reasons other than to love god and return to him. After-all, humans have access to so many resources that lead to material things - surely we were meant to use them and keep civilisation in advancement? :?

If anyone is interested they should read the Science of Self Realization.
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Krsna Consciousness - a few thoughts
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