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 Banks, I HATE them!

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Banks, I HATE them! Empty
PostSubject: Banks, I HATE them!   Banks, I HATE them! EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 1:15 am

I swear to god it's like a backwards version of Robin Hood.

The fat cats live like kings off of our hard earned, and give us nothing except grief in return.

If they ever did a hard days work for their money they would probably die of shock!

They could fly to the Caribbean for a whole year on a few people's bank charges alone, as if it costs £30 for a computer to automatically print off a pre-written letter!

My heart bleeds for their lack of bonuses this coming year.

Although they will probably still enjoy far richer lives than those who are actually funding it.

I went to pick up my wages this morning and thought i'd 'pop' in to Barclay's to pay it in. I admit I got there a bit early (8:30) although other banks were open, Barclay's were enjoying a lie in. Okay I thought, I will get on a bus and go home, because there is a Barclay's at the end of my road, and by the time I get there it will be 9 and open. And I don't fancy waiting half an hour in the rain for it to open.
Uh-uh, when I get there, at 9, I find it opens at 9:30.

I cannot win with this bank.

It's random bullshit like this that infuriates me.


I recently met with my bank manager for a loan. He said something about exchanging it for my soul. He handed me a quill to sign the contract and I swear the ink was my own blood. Needless to say i declined his 'kind' offer and ran the fuck back home.

I crept back one night and peered through the window when the bank was closed and took a picture of him, which I have attached to this thread.

Scary stuff . . .
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Banks, I HATE them!
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