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 Some waffle about me . . .

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Some waffle about me . . . Empty
PostSubject: Some waffle about me . . .   Some waffle about me . . . EmptySat Mar 21, 2009 1:23 am

Woahh where to start!

My names Dan, I'm 27 - and come from Surrey in England.

I'm a vegetarian - have been for a couple of years now - I try not to preach to people but when I'm pissed I couldn't care less and will make you out to be a complete cunt because you eat meat Smile

I like a lot of music - mainly heavy stuff - I LOVE sick heavy basslines. My main music interests are (in no particular order):

Drum N Bass
Some Indie

I got technics 1210 MK 5 that I love to tear DnB and techno on

Favourite Bands are (again in no particular order):

Babyshambles & Libertines
The Distillers
Lamb of God
The Pixies
Rob Zombie & White Zombie
Sum 41

I like Fantasy films and Dark Fantasy films the most - horror, though I hate Mindless Gore like Hostel and Saw to name a couple - and I like messed up comedy like Freddy Got Fingered - Kevin Smith films - Clerks 1 & 2 - I love Gangster Films - Scarface and Goodfellas are my all time favs.

Over a year ago I was very high on Ketamine and during a very vivid K-Hole experiance I thought everyone around me were witches, it weren't scary as they seemed friendly enough LOL but that somehow inspired me to start writing a story - though it's now a year on and the story has totally changed from that experiance, and it's only half complete.

I don't drive yet - a few years ago I was taking lessons and was a couple away from my test, and I decided (through no will of my won) to go out to some nightclub in London and got extremely drunk - and somehow wound up in a cab with some random people I didn't know - 1 of which pretended he needed to get cash out to pay for the cab and when the driver got out to let him out - he proceeded to jump into the drivers seat, lock all the doors and drove speedily away with the cabbies people carrier with the rest of us in the back. oops - anyway the bloke was a terrible driver and I ended up taking over and everyone got arrested oops again. Needless to say I was still heavily over the limit and got banned from driving for 3-4 years. :sad:

Me and my ex have a 3 year old son named Jack - though we split up over a year ago now. Messy breakup - involved running around trying to make the other jealous and sleeping with as many people as we could 😁 But we are friends now so all good. He's refusing to leave the terrible 2's behind ATM and is already starting to act like Kevin from Harry Enfield!

I have been dealing with mental problems for over 10 years as I did a LOT of drugs when I was a teen - which I think fucked me up a bit - although lately instead of being bothered by them I learn to live with them - it's a lot easier.

I started this site with the_Girl_Anachronism because we were both bored and wished to create something that could reach out to people in some way - give everyone a means to express themselves in ways they cannot elsewhere due to single themes and ideas. It will be an interesting journey to say the least . . .

I think that's enough for now . . Cool
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Some waffle about me . . .
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