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 karma related to questioning ones faith?

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karma related to questioning ones faith? Empty
PostSubject: karma related to questioning ones faith?   karma related to questioning ones faith? EmptyTue Mar 31, 2009 10:12 pm

Okay, so I have many debates with religious people of all kinds and I'm usually very careful and respectful to their beliefs. But today i am having a debate with a Christian, one I consider very blinded to the real world because of the bible.

This Christian argued that all life is not equal, animals were put here for man, and women were made from man for man.

this strikes me as very ignorant and sexist. He quoted that basically god put women here for the men, and actually made the women from the man.

I argued that Christianity is very sexist then, and highlighted that the bible was written that way it was due to the time it was written and enforced. Medieval times. Where women were looked upon as inferior to men.

What my point is I have been debating all day with this man on a forum and have questioned everything he believes in because I believe it to be wrong or simply flawed. But also i've been enjoying it because I believe it helps me grow spiritually I think, as I'm putting my self acquired knowledge and beliefs to the test by using them to counter anything he argues from a Christian perspective.

I even went so far as to say i think Satanism has a kinder and more equal outlook of life and women. Which is true...

now, about the Karma. If this man were to be effected somehow by this, say I cause him to question his own faith and it leads to some bad times for him, what in the way of Karma could I expect from this even though I believe I was right?

Instead of trying to argue principles of life and being, have I somehow been trying to destroy his faith?

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karma related to questioning ones faith? Unsaneculturesig
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karma related to questioning ones faith?
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